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The Gramophone Record Store

The UK’s largest retailer of Gramophone records, with over 40,000 records in stock. We have built Gramophone records a new website to move them from eBay at a much more affordable price. They’ve moved from spending thousands of pounds a month on eBay charges, to one fixed monthly price and a full custom e-commerce solution by Pixertise. Built using WooCommerce the worlds most popular e-commerce software and custom designed by Pixertise including a fantastic new look logo and colour scheme!

Services we provided Gramophone Records included;

  • Brand new e-commerce website built bespoke for them
  • Complete Rebranding Concept and Logos
  • Email accounts set-up and transferred
  • Domain name set-up
  • Fully hosted and managed
  • Photography and Graphics
  • Guidance with managing online shop
  • Continual Management and Content Updates
  • Social Media and MailChimp Graphics
  • Special e-commerce requirements such as invoicing
  • Variable worldwide shipping rates

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