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Website Subscriptions

All subscriptions are based on a minimum 12-month period. By completing the order process online and making a first payment you are agreeing to pay the subscription price for a minimum of 12 months and entering a contract with Pixertise Ltd. Pixertise Ltd will ensure the contracted website is kept running and hosted whilst payments are active. We implement a 12-month contract simply to ensure we meet our initial costs for designing, building and setting up your website. We hope our customers stay with us for much longer than 12 months and keep on benefitting from our ever-growing understanding of your business and yearly updates. If after the 12-months is up you feel you want to leave us, we’ll be sad to see you go, but you will be free to leave us at any time. After 12 months is complete you move to a rolling contract of the same subscription fee and can re-subscribe after 18-months to receive your new website.

Website Subscriptions include:
Website Design and Set-up
Reviews and changes during the design process
Design Consultation
All features listed in the package during development
Hosting for the life of the subscription
Support if your website stops working
Design / coding changes after completion (fair usage applies)
Adding on features after completion (fair usage applies)
Content updates (fair usage applies)
Website uptime checks
Regular meetings to discuss website (fair usage applies)
Website rebuild every 18 months (on request)

*Fair usage of updates, content and changes. Maximum of 40% of your monthly subscription value in time working on your site at a rate of £15 per hour.

Website Design Subscriptions do NOT include:
SEO Campaigns
Adding of products to E-commerce sites
Graphic Design for Print
Graphic Design for Social Media
Social Media Management
Content Generation
Photography Shoots
Filming Shoots
These can all be purchased separately or added on to subscription packs as add-ons

At the end of a subscription plan

Every 18 months we look back at your progress in the previous year, we look at what we’ve both learnt, we look at what has changed, then we look to the future and refresh your website to make it the best it can be. This creates an ever-evolving relationship between us and our customers, a better understanding every year, and a website that best reflects your business that brings you closer to your customers. It is a constant refinement and learning process for yourself and us, looking at what works best for your business so all our clients’ websites are the best they can be and never out of date.

If payments are ended the website will no longer be hosted by Pixertise. The customer will need to arrange hosting of their own and the transfer of the website to the new hosting provider. Pixertise can move your website to a new hosting provider at an additional charge of £99.00 but all features cannot be guaranteed to remain active as some features of websites built by Pixertise occasionally require external licenses that are owned by Pixertise. Pixertise will advise at the time if this is the case and give advice on what licenses will need to be purchased to continue the use of the feature.

Leaving before 12 months

If you wish to finish paying before the 12 months is up the customer can pay the remainder of the outstanding value in a final payment. This will keep services active for the remaining time. Once 12 months is finished the customer can speak to us about rearranging a new contract. Alternatively, the customer can arrange hosting and moving, after which the website will become inactive and no longer live on the internet with Pixertise.

Design and Set-up Time

A month subscription will be taken on agreeing your contract, this will cover the time to make and set-up your website. We will aim to have your website live before the second payment date. Occasionally we require feedback and content from customers, if delays in the providing of this information occur this will lengthen the time before the website goes live and the subscription will still be charged monthly.


All design elements including the theme, logos and graphics, transfer to the customer on completion of 12 monthly payments or contract. Content, text and information including those written by Pixertise Ltd transfer to the customer on completion of the contract. Hosting services, hosting space, and database remains property of Pixertise and do not transfer. Customers will need to arrange external sources for these if they wish to leave Pixertise Ltd and will need to set-up a new installation.

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