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PF2 Health Clubs

We’re proud to be working with PF2 Health Clubs to continually provide them with support and management for their complete website redesign by us, that was built from scratch to be super user-friendly. Alongside the new website we also created a new branding scheme for the clubs, with a new logo in 4 variations, colour scheme, and fonts. The branding is to be implemented throughout the clubs including signage, uniforms, cars and more.

(PF2 Health Clubs have now been purchased by THBaker and converted into Anytime Fitness clubs. We now provide management for 9 Social media channels on behalf of THBaker and their 3 Anytime Fitness Clubs.)

Services we provided PF2 Health Clubs included;

  • Brand new website built bespoke for PF2
  • Complete Rebranding Concept
  • Mobile optimised works on all devices
  • Search Engine Optimised, performs well in Google
  • Email accounts set-up and transferred
  • Domain name transfer
  • Interactive Group Class Timetables
  • Photography for Content Updates
  • Continual Management and Content Updates
  • MailChimp Integration and Instruction
  • Social Media and MailChimp Graphics

Special thanks to Pixertise – The team at PF2 would like to thank Pixertise for their efforts in producing our fantastic new website and new look branding.

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